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Door to door with the citizens of Merano.

Merano is luxurious, trendy, young, historic, modern, elegant, casual, romantic, calm, loud and quiet. Merano enchants us every day..

Sissi Amort-Ellmenreich, hostess

You have to be active! Comfortable accommodation or not, extended breakfast with friends or family – all well and good. After all, you came to have a look around. Don‘t lose too much time. Merano and surroundings are full of surprises. Those who love culture will find plenty of it in the galleries and concert halls of the city, and in the castles in the surroundings. If you love Italian lifestyle: enjoy strolling through the alleys of the city. Our preferred sports places: meadows, forests and vineyards, summits, mountain ridges and golf courses. Everything under the open sky (and mostly sunny!). And for a small journey through your inside: splendid wellness offers in the traditional spa town of Merano.

At Merano you will find a lot of popular destinations. For example: the Terme of Merano, the Botanical Gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff, the old town of Merano, the gruppo Tessa mountains etc.

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